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[Ref:2411-16-1296] Reportage photo Manoeuvre de secours en décombre de SSF /2011

[Ref:3210-04-2156] Reportage photo Au crépuscule du Super Frelon /2012

[Ref:0014-07-0062] Reportage photo Maison d’arrêt de Fleury-Mérogis /2014

[Ref:3311-17-0252] Reportage photo Vol Jodel DR 1050 F-PYTI /2011

[Ref:4209-01-0613] Reportage photo 18th Swiss Raid Commando /2009

[Ref:2413-16-0063] Reportage photo BEI Fort de Domont /2013

[Ref:3310-21-0536] Reportage photo Hélicoptères EC-120 NHE de l’EAALAT /2010

[Ref:1311-04-0112] Reportage photo Stage Constox à la PTS /2011

Quelques photos des portes ouvertes du 13 régiment de dragons parachutistes

[Ref:4114-14-0357] Reportage photo au 13° Régiment de Dragons Parachutistes /2014

[Ref:4013-09-0090] Reportage photo cérémonies du 14 juillet /2013

"Wanting to go to the take me home tour"

[Ref:3212-01-2197] Reportage photo Helicopter SAR au Svalbard /2012

[Ref:2110-03-0288] Reportage photo sapeurs-pompiers du CIS Sud-Agglo (SDIS 38 Isère) /2010

[Ref:4313-11-0192] Reportage photo exercice Ardennes au 3ème RG /2013

[Ref:1111-15-0324] Reportage photo Exercice de prise d’otage au RAID /2011

Il y a 20 ans le premier A300-600ST Beluga prenait son envol

[Ref:3513-19-0349] Reportage photo Transport aérien en Beluga /2013

[Ref:3513-19-0905] Reportage photo Transport aérien en Beluga /2013

"I wish I could believe that such an extraordinary person died striving to inform an American public yearning to know the truth. It’s harder to accept what really happened, which is that he died while people eagerly formed opinions on his profession and the topics he covered without bothering to read the stories he put in front of them." Tom A. Peter

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